Federica Dell'Orto Portrait Image

The Focus

My career as an attorney has accrued and extended my expertise across three fields of the law, immigration, international law, and human rights.

I have an extensive client base in both domestic and global landscapes across all these fields, affording me an approach that blends immigration law with the pursuit of shaping international policy.

In the realm of immigration law, I represent individuals in removal proceedings, extending the remit of my guidance to cover a range of diverse aspirations, be it humanitarian causes, visa applications, or corporate endeavors.

IN ADDITION TO court appearances , i work passionately alongside my colleagues and peers to delve into the shaping of global policies, where I strive to influence change and advocate for crucial reforms, in what I feel to be the true essence of the law and its place in our society’s future.

I continue to personally work offering support and expert guidance to both  individual clients and institutional organizations alike, keeping my finger on the beating pulse of societal changes and its reflection on the needs of clients and my own commitment to both the legal and humanitarian aspects of my profession